Raquel Luster


I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and Resident in Counseling in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I completed my master’s program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. During my graduate experience, there was an emphasis on learning and respecting the factors that make humans diverse including culture, sexual orientation, and spiritual beliefs. Additionally, I was afforded opportunities to study abroad and explore cultures in Africa and South America from a mental health perspective. Through these exchanges and encounters, incorporating multiculturalism practices is a core belief I bring to the therapeutic space.

I am a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and a DMT candidate (Dance/Movement Therapy). I have a specialty of working with folks who have experienced trauma, individuals who have difficulties managing their eating habits, and people who experience anxiety symptoms as well. The process of self-discovery and healing is a journey I enjoy being a part of with the people I am lucky to work with.

I operate under the premise that each person is unique, with their own personal experiences and values. The many factors and events in our lives can shape who we are. However, the power to change or alter maladaptive coping responses is within yourself, and I hope to be there to aid in support. Within my counseling practices I utilize an integrative theoretical approach, which allows for your uniqueness to be celebrated and all services tailored towards you. I aim to create a safe, comfortable, and judgment-free environment while building trust within the therapeutic alliance with you to allow for change to occur.