Clinical Director

Ariel M Meaney, MS, Resident in Counseling, earned her Masters in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue University. She is approved by the Virginia Board of Counseling as a Resident in Counseling to work with individuals, couples, groups, and families. Ariel is a Marine Corps Veteran and truly understands the need for services within this community. She is very passionate about ensuring each service member and their family get the quality care that they deserve. She enjoys working with clients within a collaborative approach, ensuring we reach the goals we have set together in a timely manner. She has experience with working with children, adolescents, and individuals. She incorporates play therapy with ages 8 and older to ensure children have a safe environment to express themselves. She has a background in working with couples and families as well, but her true passion is working with Military Service Members and Veterans. She enjoys helping Service Members with their transition out of the Military, as well as an understanding of trauma. She is extremely passionate about helping individuals that have survived trauma in the many different forms that may arise in their lives. She is also a spouse of an active duty Marine, so understanding the lifestyle and transitions that arise within the Military life are also an experience she can empathize with. These are the experiences that help fuel her passion to help her clients and empathize with their lifestyle.