Allison graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling. Allison is currently a Resident in Counseling, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and a Certified Case Manager. Allison has worked for over 7 years with Transitioning Service Members, Veterans, Military Spouses and Dependents. Allison is experienced in providing trauma informed care with experience in community mental health setting, private and non-profit care.

Allison is passionate about person-centered care and working with each individual through their unique needs, by providing a holistic approach. Allison utilizes CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing modalities, however is not tied to a specific modality. Allison has extensive experience working with individuals who are experiencing adjustment to disabilities and other major life changes. Allison has extensive knowledge of work place issues, career planning and counseling, coping with job related stressors, assistance with the military transition, and military and veteran issues.

I do not take lightly the strength and willpower it takes an individual to seek assistance and ask for help. I feel extreme gratitude for my clients allowing me to be a part of their journey and the courage it takes to share their lives and work towards change and healing. I provide a safe and accepting environment to my clients.